02 March 2019

Serafio, Athens


The beginning of

Blank, the beginning of every life.

The human mind at birth has no innate ideas, it is a book with empty pages, a white canvas waiting to be filled with experiences, with the colors and drawings of its choice.

Creations become the creators.

In a world so full that it’s suffocating, it is the blank we feel that pushes us to leave our own mark, that listens to our every thought and then calls us to fill it in. Every blank is in itself full of infinite possibilities. A painter’s goal is to use the white canvas in order to create the perfect painting. A student’s goal is to define their own blank, discovering what their purpose is and, then, achieving it.

Nonexistence causes existence.

A blank page, a piece of clay with no shape, an unfilled agenda are no more than magnets for passing thoughts, dreams, effort. How can something come out of nothing? How does it feel to lose everything and have nothing left or delete everything and start from zero? How does it feel when a person is devoid of sight?

At TEDxAUEB 2019 BLANK we set a new challenge. Are you brave enough to feel the blank? Are you ready to find, appreciate and fill in your blank?


Natasa Exidaveloni


Juliano Kaglis

Dimitra Sfika

Rania Svoronou

Katerina Soldatou

Daniel Hulme

Alkioni Papadaki

Maria Georgakarakou

Dionysios Simopoulos

Katerina Vrana

Stefanos Tsallas

Connie Chiu

Nikos Karathanos


Pavlina Voulgaraki

Rosas en El fuego

De Lumn


Serafio City of Athens

Pireos & Petrou Ralli, Athens, 11854

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